Oil Cloth Trail Hat


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Weight 0.33 lbs


Oil Cloth


Leather Chin Cord


2 inch




  1. Carla (verified owner)

    I have spent 30 years wearing a Boonie style hat….NO MORE! The trail hat is deigned to fit you jelly shell, not just rest on top of it. Its cut is contoured perfect and the brim is just right in the wide department for this hat. Go Trail, Let go of the Boonie, Your old Squad leader won’t mind.

    Oil Cloth? Are you wondering if it will cook you to soft boil temps? It wont. Again, the cut of the hat, along with the quality fabric and construction, make this hat easy to wear. Even at 10,000 feet where the sun gets to blast through thinner atmosphere to cook us, not an issue.

    Should I buy from Explorer Hats? My order was on a serious back order, so much, that the shop here didn’t even want my money to hold one. However, I got an email the second a hat for me arrived. It was shipped quick, arrived quick, making sure I wa ready to look sexy on the trail in no time flat.

    So, Great hat. Fantastic customer service and just an all around warm feeling doing business here…will again if a bear likes my hat better than me.


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